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This is a Newsletter that publishes 5-7 articles per week that deal with algorithmic trading, technical analysis, risk management, market psychology, pattern recognition, trading strategies, and much more interesting topics. The creator of this Newsletter is Sofien KAABAR known from Medium to providing daily articles detailing simple and complex trading strategies manually or algorithmically. Among topics discussed in articles:

All About Trading!
Trading Scams — The Cancer of Trust.
The Foreign Exchange market is a decentralized place where traders exchange currencies for different reasons namely speculation and hedging. A portion of the traders are called retail traders and they are the ones who are not tied with a financial institution, like you and I, people with some extra funds that they are willing to risk. Unfortunately, we …
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All About Trading!
Coding & Trading Psychological Levels in Python.
Detecting support & resistance levels is a highly subjective field of analysis and this explains the complete discrepancy between results. However, it should not be this way because we have many ways of making the subjective part rather objective. We can do this in many ways, among them are psychological levels, an interesting phenomenon based on human …
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